Our strategy is based on long-term analysis of the European market but also the course of industrial development. Taking into account the market needs from the beginning of our investment, we have implemented the highest standards of cultivation, extraction, distillate production (API), and final pharmaceutical forms. The European market as of 2016 up to date is moving in a continuous upward trend with regards to demand for distillate and final pharmaceutical forms. In its analysis, our Medical Advisory Board suggested that we should focus on our own production of starting pharmaceutical raw materials (biomass) and production of dosage final forms due to the possibility for precise dosing when prescribing medicines.

On the other hand, while the remaining companies of the industry focused on increased manufacturing, our company focused on achieving the highest standards, better know-how, HR, R&D, and establishing a reliable production line, which products will be available in the European and world markets. We also strategically focused on the extraction towards third parties and a new state-of-the-art laboratory for testing the quality of the products, which will provide services to third parties in the region of Southeastern Europe.