Physical-Chemical Laboratory

Separate rooms with suitable utilities are dedicated to specific procedures and instruments, weighing,  preparation of samples for analysis, LC/MS/MS room, GC/MS, room for ICP/OES, and room for High-performance liquid chromatography, for testing different quality parameters on Cannabis flowers and products. 

Stability testing discovers how pharmaceutical products or APIs change over time, under specific environmental conditions, so shelf-life and storage conditions can be defined.

A special room in the laboratory is equipped with climatic chambers for stability testing under normal storage conditions, intermediate and accelerated conditions, and also photostability testing.

The laboratory implements official pharmacopeia methods, which are suitably verified, and also develop their own analytical procedures, which are validated in accordance with ICH guidelines. Safety in the laboratory is of crucial importance, regarding the samples and employees, so fume hoods, safety cabinets, and other protective measures are implemented.