CEO / Sasho Stefanoski

Sasho Stefanoski has expertise in the field of management and governance. He is experienced in senior positions in several state institutions. Prior to joining the management of NYSK Holding, he was the CEO of the Health Insurance Fund, which is the largest financial institution focused on the health system. He has previously served as State Secretary in the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Local Self-Government. He has won numerous awards and recognition for his achievements. He is a Ph.D. candidate in the area of Healthcare Management at the University of Peace founded by the United Nations.


CFO / Mire Desoski

During his career path, Mr. Desoski was involved in numerus projects, private and public, where he has worked extensively supporting enterprises to address business challenges, enhance its performance and maximize value through: optimum capital structure, complex domestic and international transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint investment, corporate restructuring, complex project financing transactions structured in cooperation with all parties involved in process: creditors, debtors, owners, municipal and state government.


To great extent, his past engagements were in construction, pharmaceutical and beverage industry.

He gained his education at University of Pittsburgh, USA and University of Sheffield, UK. 


CSO / Vladimir Kofcegarski

Vladimir Kofcegarski has extensive experience in International Trade and Business Development. Prior to joining the management of NYSK Holdings, Vladimir was appointed to lead a Trade Mission in Southeast Asia and establish the Macedonian Trade Council Asia Pacific, with focus to Foreign Direct Investments and strategic mergers & acquisitions in the region. Previously, he held numerous senior roles as Sales & Portfolio Director in Australia for clients like Apple, Dell, Fuji Xerox & Honda. His expertise and global network will straighten the position of NYSK Holdings in achieving its business development strategy.