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  • NYSK Holdings, Premier Leader of the EU Cultivation Industry Enters Into Supply Partnership with Luxx Lighting and Athena Products

    LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 9, 2021 / Luxx Lighting, an industry-leading company that researches, designs, and manufactures high-performance, cultivation specific lighting for the cannabis industry and Athena Products Inc, a vertically integrated formulator, manufacturer of liquid and dry fertilizer blends designed for commercial cannabis cultivators enter into a long term supply partnership with NYSK Holdings. Luxx Lighting and Athena Products are consistently found in the facilities of the best cultivators around the world. The partnership between Luxx Lighting, Athena Products and NYSK Holdings was sealed after months of research and development and close coordination with the respective companies’ senior management and cultivation experts.

    Pharmacann – NYSK was founded to address the real need of medicinal cannabis in the European Union and abroad. The company has invested in its operation in Macedonia with the goal of producing the highest grades of medical cannabis based on API (Active Pharmaceutical Substance). Along with conforming and adhering to pharmaceutical standards, their primary goal is patient-focused and they are heavily focused on research, awareness and education.

    With an 18,000 m2 (193,750 ft2) facility with 7,516 m2 (80,901 ft2) of cultivation space, NYSK boasts one of the most impressive facilities in the world. 3,000 Luxx DE 1000w 400v fixtures have been outfitted to provide lighting for hundreds of thousands of cannabis plants. Athena Products supplies a granular fertilizer, the Pro line, a mineral-based formulation that provides all required nutrients and is the most balanced, cost-effective method of fertilization.

    Head of Cultivation, Vlado Keskovski at NYSK – ‘The EU market is moving quickly and countries are passing cannabis positive laws monthly. This led to our decision to work with Luxx Lighting as our lighting partner and Athena Products for nutrients. Both have delivered solid and stable results. Their products allow us to produce the highest standard of products that conforms to the EU GMP standards.’

    General Manager of Luxx Lighting – Brent Nicholls stated ‘Partnering with the largest and most technologically advanced cultivator in the EU market is an honor. NYSK has given excellent insight into the emerging EU market, where regulations and consumer demand are different from the United States. Luxx Lighting and Athena Products not only brings a level of professionalism to the NYSK team, but stability and consistency to produce the highest quality product that the EU market has seen. As the cannabis industry in the European Union continues to expand, the exponential demand prompts our teams to stay ahead of the growth and provide the best knowledge and resources to the market.’

    As advances are made in the cannabis industry and deregulation and acceptance of the market expands, technology and good business tactics will evolve globally. Continued partnerships between industry leaders such as Luxx Lighting, Athena Products, and NYSK Holdings set precedence for cultivation practices and put these companies at the forefront of the quickest moving industry to date.

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