In the industrial zone Kjojlija in the Municipality of Petrovec, at only 500 meters from the International Airport Skopje, we have built a facility for the production of cannabis for medical purposes with a total area of 17,800 sqm on three floors.

The facility for cultivation is built according to the highest construction and the latest technology standards. We have implemented the highest pharmaceutical standards for both cannabis cultivation and its treatment to the final product as a herbal product and its processing into a high-quality extract.

The conditions required for the production process are very complex. The process is divided into several production sectors in different phases.

Our system covers:

  1. Seedlings
  2. Vegetation
  3. Blooming
  4. Drying
  5. Trimming
  6. Safe drying
  7. Packaging

The cultivation process is indoor technology in its essence and represents a complete imitation of ideal natural conditions.

The process is fully automated and controlled by software for control of temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure and overpressure, and microbiological purity at the level of pharmaceutical so-called white zones implementing a fully automated BMS system. Our developed software allows us to track each plant individually from its birth to its packaging. The second important element is the watering and nutrition. The facility contains equipment for water osmosis with a processing capacity of 250 T in 24 hours. The preparation of nutrients for plant nutrition, the control of water factors before its use, is fully automated with the latest watering/irrigation equipment with a capacity of 6 minutes per 10,000 plants.

Due to the quality of the final product and retention of all ingredients of the plant, the drying in our production process is performed in fully implemented natural conditions in a pharmaceutical environment.

The removal of unnecessary large parts of the plant is performed mechanically, but due to the retention of the substances in the plant and the retention of the quality. The final removal of the small unnecessary parts its performed manually. We implement a system for balancing the moisture that is needed to reach the ideal freshness and quality.

NYSK Holdings has executed all standards pursuant to the guidelines of the European Medical Agency for the implementation of the EU GMP, starting from the birth of the plant until the packaging of the dry flower as a final pharmaceutical form.

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