General Information

NYSK HOLDINGS is established in August 2016. We are part of PHCANN INTERNATIONAL.

PHCANN INTERNATIONAL is one of the biggest European companies in the cannabis industry with its own licensed representative offices in Germany, the Republic of North Macedonia, Croatia, with a business seat in Warsaw, Poland.

NYSK Holdings is the first Macedonian licensed company for the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes in February 2017. During our development in the past 4 years, we have reached all goals stated in our application for obtaining the first license for the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. We have obtained know-how from our business partners in the USA, Canada, and Israel which we have implemented in our cultivation system.

NYSK Holdings has obtained the first approval for the extraction and processing of the cannabis dry flower in June 2017. We were trained by our partners in Colorado, USA, one of the world leaders in the area of extraction of cannabis flowers with the highest level of purity.

Realizing the trends and needs for a quality product, back in 2017, we invested in our own physical-chemical laboratory to examine the presence of cannabinoids in our products.

NYSK Holdings was certified with the national license of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in November 2018.

NYSK Holdings was licensed with an EU GMP certificate in March 2020. We are now the only Macedonian and European company that produces an Active Pharmaceutical Substance (API) and final pharmaceutical forms based on medical cannabis, including the physical-chemical laboratory licensed by one of the European Inspectorates, the Polish General Pharmaceutical Inspectorate (GIF).