Тим за Одгледување


Г-Дин. Жозеф Сима

Since 2004, ongoing work in plant nurseries and passion for the cannabis plant. After Diploma in Art, starting to work for a big cannabis nursery in Austria, learning efficient mother plant keeping and genetic storing, as well as selling grow articles till July 2015. From the end of 2015- 2018 working in his own company with mother plants and CBD genetics and flowers. Since March 2019, responsible for optimizing cultivation in present facilities, as well as creating high output, standardized, growing methods, for all stages of cultivation. His experience in efficient cannabis plant growing and knowledge was implemented throughout the construction of our second facility, one of the biggest and most advanced objects. Important hereby was the pairing of American techniques and technology in the flowering phase, but also the commercial Austrian way of mother plant keeping. The grown-up in a nursery and learning this business from the bottom up, Mr. Sima is an essential key person in cultivation.


Г-Дин. Владимир Кесковски

Vladimir Keskovski, a bachelor in management, joined the company already in 2017 when it was formed. He learned techniques of growing cannabis from certified and awarded American and European knowledge, and is transferring it in the cultivation department. As Head of Cultivation, he is a responsible person in the implementation of GAP, GACP, ISO standards in the company. Managing an indoor growing and high-quality standards for cultivation, he is a key person in combining the knowledge and expertise of our master grower and pharmaceutical experts in GMP. He is there for an essential part of the team, building the biggest and most advanced facility in Europe for indoor growing, QC lab, and extraction. With his work attitude, Mr. Keskovski brings energy to the team, to be more efficient and achieve high goals.