CEO / Др. Златко Кесковски

Prof. Dr. Zlatko Keskovski is a former university professor and holds a PhD in Crisis Management. Previously, the professor Keskovski was Head of the Security Department in the office of Boris Trajkovski, former President of the Republic of Macedonia, where he was responsible for coordinating the security activities of several state institutions in Macedonia. He is the founder of NYSK Holding in Macedonia and has developed the company since its establishment. His experience in multitasking management has been used in the development of the company and the holding. Following the acquisition of NYSK Holding by Pharmacann International, he became the CEO of the combined group.


COO / Сашо Стефановски

Sasho Stefanoski has expertise in the field of management and governance. He is experienced in senior positions in several state institutions. Prior to joining the management of NYSK Holding, he was the General Director of the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Macedonia, which is the largest financial institution focused on the health system. He has previously served as State Secretary in the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Local Self-Government. He has won numerous awards and recognition for his achievements. He is currently a PhD student in the area of Healthcare Management at the University of Peace founded by the United Nations.


CLO/CAO/ Искра Кесковска

Iskra Keskovska has many years of experience in corporate legal norms in Macedonia and the EU. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Procurement Management from the University of Tor Vergata Rome. She has managed several sectors in public, private and non-governmental organizations. Her experience contributes to the development of the company and its establishment in the EU, by implementing the legal norms of the EU. The experience in managing the administrative departments in the state institutions contributes to the implementation of the quality system of the administration operation of NYSK Holding. She is also consulted on a regular basis with regards to the adoption of the Holding’s legal acts.